Because They Are Family...
...give them the resting place they deserve.
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Majestic Casket & Urn Inc

Wooden Pet Urns & Infant Caskets

Majestic Casket & Urn, Inc. is dedicated to the eternal commemoration of your lifelong friends.

With quality American hardwoods and mindful crafting we strive to ensure that the best quality products are at your fingertips for a reasonable cost so that you can treat your loved one to the memorial they deserve.

They are the ones who have been with you through good times and bad and have always been there to cheer you up. Now they can remain with you forever, in thought or presence.
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Pet Products

Why buy our pet products?
  • Our products are completely made in the USA
  • We craft our high quality products with your companions in mind
  • We have a large selection with many different finishes available
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Human Products

Why buy our Human Products?
  • We design our products with elegance to be proudly displayed
  • We use quality hardwoods to create our USA made products
  • Our products are crafted with care to honor your loved one
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Majestic Casket & Urn Pet Urns and More

At Majestic Casket and Urn, Inc. we will make sure your friends have the casket or urn that you feel is best for them. Pets are an important part of our lives and we know that each one is a little bit different, which is why we carry a variety of caskets and urns to choose from.

When that sad day arrives and your faithful companion passes away, remember that at Majestic Casket & Urn, Inc.we will provide the best casket or urn for your loved one to help you commemorate them. 

These products can be taken home with you to be buried in your family’s yard, or you can give them a full funeral at a pet cemetery where they’ll be surrounded by numerous other family friends. Pet cemeteries are growing in popularity as people are realizing they want the very best for their friends.
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